Version History

May 31, 20221.30Major Update

The update includes Quality of life changes for folder selection and localization to German and French Languages.

Functional Changes:

  • Added localization – German and French Languages.
  • Added the ability so select all sub-folders of a folder when selecting folders for an Advanced Search.
  • Added a setting to allow changing the maximum size of attachments in Microsoft Outlook. Increasing it allows to export larger attachments.

Issues Fixed:

  • If a OST/PST file is removed and then immediately added to the application, an error would display that file is already opened.
  • Fixed an issue where not all contact notes would be exported.
  • Fixed an issue where a specific contact would not export to a VCF file.
  • In certain scenarios, the wrong application bit version would be installed.

June 25, 20201.22Major Update

This update fixes an issue where application would fail to launch on a machine that has Microsoft Windows May update version - 2004.

May 4, 20201.21Major Update

The hotfix resolves the issue where application would not fully work when the recent Microsoft Outlook update 2003 or 2004 would be installed.

April 22, 20201.20Major Update

The update introduces body search for emails, and even more items that can be viewed.

Functional Changes:

  • You can now search through body of emails through quick and advanced search.
  • Now items will be displayed even if they are not default type. This will result in most items being displayed by the application.

Issues Fixed:

  • In case there were multiple search criteria of the same type, only the last criteria would apply. With this update, all search criteria of the same type will apply simultaneously.

September 13, 20191.12Major Update

The update addresses a major issue with latest Windows Updates. Some other functional changes and fixes are included as well.

Issues Fixed:

  • Application would close unexpectedly when started on a machine with Windows 10 May Update (1903) in certain environment (64 bit).
  • When attachments would be opened with a certain file name, application would close unexpectedly.

Functional Changes:

  • Added a guide on how to export item to a PDF file for Windows 10 PCs.

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